Lyman, New Hampshire

Placed high up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is Lyman, a calm, tranquil, and relaxed small town of about 550 people. Lyman makes for an excellent retreat from busy cities and urban epicenters.  The possibilities are endless in this peaceful town, relax and take a break, or let your adrenaline pump at the nearby Cannon Mountain ski resort, the decision is yours, but don't let the opportunity pass you by.

This wonderful town was incorporated in 1761, and is named after General Phineas Lyman, a commander in the Seven Years' War with France and Spain.  This town was much larger when it was first incorporated, but was split in two with Monroe, because of the difficulty in traversing the steep Gardner's Mountain to the west.  The town of Monroe was given it's own independence in 1854, when it broke away from Lyman and became it's own.

This is a great town for all people of all ages.  You could sit down with a good book and enjoy the mountain breeze, or you could be soaring down bike trails or ski slopes.  You could be relaxing in the comfort of a boat while fishing or you and some friends could be swimming around in the lakefront recreation areas all over Lyman.  The possibilities in the White Mountains region are nearly endless.

Perhaps you're looking for something to do with the family.  Less than an hour away in Jefferson, New Hampshire, you will find the fabled theme park of Santa's Village, the year-round-open theme park with a Christmas theme behind it. If you're looking for even more excitement for the little ones, also found in Jefferson is the western-themed Six Gun City, with a wide variety of attractions for all ages.

Lyman, New Hampshire is part of the SAU 35, which tends to the children from both Lyman and Lisbon, has there own Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.  Children from kindergarten through 5th grade go to Lisbon Regional Elementary School, children 6th though 8th grade attend Lisbon Regional Middle School, and children 9th through 12th grade are educated at Lisbon Regional High School.  However all of these schools are housed in the same building, known logically as Lisbon Regional School.

Lyman presents an excellent opportunity to purchase a piece of real estate in the beautiful mountainous area of New Hampshire.  No matter what your priorities, Lyman fit’s the bill - whether it be prestigious school districts, nearby amusement parks, relaxing fishing streams, or just plain old calm places to go and relax, you can find them in and around Lyman.  Homes don’t go on the market much in this small town, but when they do they sell fast, so you'd better grab your phone quick and give Jim Miller of Bean Group today, at (603) 801-3987!  Jim is knowledgeable, friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about our wonderful state.  Call today.

Lisbon Regional School (k-12)
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