Easton, New Hampshire

“Blink and you’ll miss it” is often a part of the directions people give when they’re explaining how to get to Easton, New Hampshire.  Tucked in a valley between towering mountains, Easton is home to only about 300 people, all of whom love their quiet little piece of heaven.  With Cannon Mountain to the northeast, the Kinsman Mountain Range to the southeast, and the 2500+ foot tall Cole and Cockney “Hills” (which could also be called mountains) overlooking the town from the west, Easton is located in one of the prettiest areas of the state.  Franconia Notch, one of New Hampshire’s most popular destinations, is found just over the mountains to the east, giving Easton residents their own personal playground of natural formations and stunning scenery.

Easton was once part of Landaff, NH, called Eastern Landaff.  In 1867, residents living in Eastern Landaff petitioned to break off from their “mother town” and form their own community.  Incorporated that same year, Easton, NH, was born.  The origin of the town’s name may come from a misinterpretation of “Eastern” or a deliberate change – that information has been lost to history.  The western Kinsman Mountain Range was named for one of the original settlers, Asa Kinsman.  The Kinsman family also purchased land in Ohio resulting in the town of Kinsman, OH.

If you’re looking for action and excitement in a town, don’t bother looking at Easton.  Peace and tranquility are the words of the day here while relaxing and taking in the scenery are the most common pastimes.  Hiking, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, and snowmobiling are very popular in and around Easton, since the location is simply perfect for these activities.  The nearest large town is Franconia, NH, just a few miles up the road, and contains all the shopping and entertainment venues Easton Residents could want or need.

Easton is a part of SAU #35.  Resident students of kindergarten age through the sixth grade attend Lafayette Regional School while the remaining students are educated at the Profile School.  Both are located in Franconia, NH.  With a student population well below 100, there are no plans to build schools in Easton.

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Lafayette Regional School (k-6)
(603) 823-7741

Profile School (7-12)
(603) 823-7411

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