Bethlehem, New Hampshire

The quiet New Hampshire town of Bethlehem is located in northern Grafton County in the upper two-thirds of the state.  Surrounded by mountains, forests and pristine lakes and streams, Bethlehem is a picture-perfect town in which to put down roots or retire in tranquility and peaceful repose.  If you’re looking for a more beautiful natural setting in New England, you will not find it.

Bethlehem was initially granted as Lloyd’s Hills in 1774 after the prominent Bostonian, James Lloyd.  Lloyd’s Hills was the last provincial grant in New Hampshire prior to the Revolutionary War.  After the war, the paperwork regarding the grant was determined missing, so the town remained unsettled until 1787 when several families built homes here.  The town was officially re-granted and incorporated on December 27, 1799.  The renaming of the town was determined on the final Christmas Day of the 1700’s, and therefore named Bethlehem.

For many years Bethlehem remained an agricultural community with few other businesses to speak of.  With the advent of the railroad in 1867, word of Bethlehem’s beauty started spreading and soon the town became a popular tourist destination.  Before long, over 30 hotels were constructed in Bethlehem and the town touted itself as the highest town in the state – a statement that is, unfortunately, untrue.  This did not stop the flow of visitors, however, many looking for relief from allergies to pollen – something that is minimal at the town’s altitude (nearly 1500 feet above sea level).  With upwards of seven trains arriving in Bethlehem each day, the town quickly became very well known throughout the growing United States.

However, with the arrival of the car, the trains diminished.  People could now travel well beyond the limitations of the railroad and the hotels in Bethlehem fell into disrepair and were soon torn down.  Today Bethlehem is mostly a bedroom community with a few bed and breakfasts and very little industry.  The area around Bethlehem is mountainous and stunning in its beauty which still attracts visitors from all over.

Bethlehem has very few stores, so for their shopping needs, residents will usually travel to nearby Littleton, just three miles down the road.  Littleton has several large chain stores, such as Wal-Mart, Shaw’s and more to meet the needs of the surrounding communities.  Modern chain stores notwithstanding, Bethlehem has much to offer its residents.  Franconia Notch State Park is but two miles away, boasting stunning vistas, camping, hiking and more.  Just a couple of miles east of Bethlehem will you find Crawford Notch State Park, another of New Hampshire’s awe-inspiring natural areas.  Bethlehem is privy to these amazing locations and more – all of which must be seen to be truly believed.

Bethlehem is a member of SAU #35 and educates its own students from kindergarten age through the seventh grade.  All remaining students are educated within the Profile Cooperative, which includes Easton, Franconia, and Sugar Hill.  The Profile School is also located within Bethlehem town lines.

Bethlehem is one of the many New Hampshire communities that have nothing but beauty and splendor at every turn.  Homes do sometimes go up for sale in Bethlehem, but if you want to buy one, it’s best to have someone in your corner, fighting for your best interests.  What you need is a NH buyer agent, someone who represents you in your search for a new home.  Jim Miller Bean Group wants to be your NH buyer agent.  Give Jim a call at (603) 801-3987 for more information about how quickly you can become the newest New Hampshire resident.  Call today.

Bethlehem Elementary School (k-7)
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Profile School (8-12)
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