Lebanon, New Hampshire

Lebanon, New Hampshire, may be one of the more populated cities in New Hampshire, but that certainly doesn't detract from its beauty or serenity.  This city offers a great location in the state for anybody looking to start a family or retire in peace and convenience.  Placed directly on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, Lebanon’s location gives residents easy access to the nearby natural wonders of both of these beautiful states.  Another fantastic benefit of living in Lebanon, NH, is the prestigious Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, one of the finest hospitals in the entire state.

Lebanon, New Hampshire, was established as a town in 1761.  Its name is undoubtedly derived from the birthplace and original home of most of the settlers, which was Lebanon, Connecticut.  This included the founder of the prestigious Dartmouth University, Eleazar Wheelock.  Lebanon was the first location of the Indian Charity School, which was the foundation for Dartmouth University in NH before its move to Hanover.  However in 1781 Lebanon was one of the towns which tried to join Vermont during its border dispute with New Hampshire, but ended up coming back to its rightful place a short time later.  Lebanon was incorporated as a city in 1957.

Whether you’re a young couple just starting your new family or a longtime worker finally ready for retirement, Lebanon has something for you.  Wide expanses of forests make it perfect for anybody interested in hunting or even just general nature observations.  Small lakes and ponds make it perfect for a relaxing afternoon of boating or fishing.  There is even an active theater community in Lebanon, which, in addition to holding community play, occasionally travels from town to town putting on shows.  Every Thursday there is a Farmer's Market in the center of town where you can purchase fresh, local fruits, vegetables and more, and concerts are often held in town to give exposure to local bands.  And there’s plenty to do in Lebanon for the children as well: from Boy Scouts to youth basketball, to 4H to field hockey, you name it, Lebanon has it.  And you couldn't ask for a more perfect location – surrounded by snow-capped mountains and thick forests right next to the Connecticut River.

Lebanon, New Hampshire, is member of School Administrative Unit #88, the Lebanon School District which also educates children from several surrounding towns.  Lebanon has 5 elementary schools, a junior high school, and a high school.  The elementary schools are the Hanover Street School, Sacred Heart Public School, Mount Lebanon School, School Street School, and Seminary Hill School.  After elementary school, children are taught at the Lebanon Junior High School then the Lebanon High School. 

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