Groton, New Hampshire

Just a few miles to the west of the sprawling Lake Winnipesaukee, can be found Groton, New Hampshire, a tiny little town of about 500 people in Grafton County.  Groton is surrounded by thick forests, stunning mountain views and enough lakes, ponds, rivers and streams to keep even the most jaded fishermen satisfied.  Secluded, but not too far from civilization, Groton, NH, is a great place to live.

The area to become Groton was first known as Cockermouth, named for Charles Windham, Baron Cockermouth and Earl of Egremont.  Originally granted and incorporated in 1761, few settlers took up their claims and the area was re-granted in 1766.  Again, the settlers failed to meet the prescribed terms of the grant, but the charter was renewed in 1772 for another three years and the terms were eventually met.  The residents voted to change the name in 1796 and, at the suggestion of Samuel Blood, the town was named after a Massachusetts town called Old Groton.

Groton today has little business and little desire for any.  The town is populated by like-minded individuals who truly enjoy the peace and quiet their town affords them.  Travel time to New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee is brief, only about fifteen minutes, but Newfound Lake, the state’s third-largest freshwater lake completely within it’s borders, lies a scant five minutes from Groton’s town center.  Newfound lake provides area residents with plenty of waterborne activities ranging from fishing and boating to swimming, sunbathing and, in the winter months, skating and snowmobiling.  The amazing White Mountain National Forest can be reached in less than a half hour when you live in Groton.  A trip to New Hampshire’s seacoast takes a bit longer, clocking in at about an hour’s ride.

Groton, NH, is a member of the School Administrative Unit #4 and is a part of the Newfound Area School District along with the towns of Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Hebron and New Hampton.  Kindergarteners and elementary school students from Groton attend the Bridgewater-Hebron Village School in Hebron, while the remaining students are educated at the Newfound Memorial Middle School and the Newfound Regional High School, both located in Bristol, NH.

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Bridgewater-Hebron Village School (k-5)

Newfound Memorial Middle School (6-8)
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Newfound Regional High School (9-12)
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