Enfield, New Hampshire

Enfield, New Hampshire, is a medium-sized town tucked between the towns of Canaan and Lebanon near the western border of the state.  With a population of nearly 5000 people, Enfield is one of the larger towns close to the Vermont border.  Far from a modern metropolis, Enfield has the warm country feel and inviting appearance of a town from a time long since passed.  When you come to Enfield, you feel like you’ve finally found home.

The town of Enfield was originally granted in 1761 and, since many of the settlers there were from Enfield, Connecticut, it was decided to name the town Enfield, New Hampshire.  Five years later, Governor Benning Wentworth re-granted the town as Relhan, in honor of Dr. Anthony Relhan, a proponent of healthy living and special curative therapies.  The name was changed back to Enfield in 1784.

Enfield soon became home to a growing group of Shakers, a religious group formed of Quakers.  Because of their habit for dancing and singing wildly during their worship, they soon became known as the “Shaking Quakers”, which was quickly condensed simply to “Shakers”.  The Shakers established a community on the southern edge of Mascoma Lake, just south of Enfield’s town center which still today resides on the northern edge of the lake.  The Shaker Village was created in 1793 and flourished for over 125 years until its closing in 1927.  Today, the Shaker Village is a museum dedicated to the understanding of Shaker values and principles as well as their daily life in the 1800’s.

Enfield focuses much of its tourism around the Shaker Village with stores selling Shaker furniture, clothing and more.  Tours of the museum and the surrounding outdoor areas draw crowds from all over.  After witnessing the beautiful green countryside of Enfield, most people understand why the Shakers chose this area to set up their home.  Enfield is close to Interstate Route 89 which makes travel to central New Hampshire or nearby Vermont very simple.  Enfield lies in a mountainous part of the state only minutes from the White Mountain National Forest, so visiting the natural formations and scenic wonders of the northern region of New Hampshire couldn’t be easier.

Enfield is a member of SAU #62, the Mascoma Valley Regional School District, along with the towns of Canaan, Dorchester, Grafton and Orange.  Enfield educates resident students from kindergarten to the fourth grade at the Enfield Village School, but sends the fifth through eighth grades to the Indian River School (in Canaan) and the ninth through twelfth grades to the Mascoma Valley Regional High School (also in Canaan).

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Enfield Village School (k-4)
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Indian River School (5-8)
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Mascoma Valley Regional High School (9-12)
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