Sunapee, New Hampshire

A town of less than 3500 year-round residents, Sunapee, New Hampshire, is one of the state’s hottest vacation and recreation spots.  Set on the western shores of Lake Sunapee, the town itself boasts enough recreational activities to keep even the most jaded vacationers entertained.  With plenty of stores, restaurants, and motels, Sunapee has whatever you need to make your visit or your life here enjoyable.

The area to become Sunapee first began with its settlement by a group of soldiers from the French Wars led by Oliver Corey in 1768.  Corey named the town Saville but soon it was known simply as Corey’s Town.  Shortly thereafter, John Wendell became the principal landowner and the town was renamed Wendell (by resident petition) in 1781.  The town was incorporated at the same time the name was changed.  Nearly seventy years later, the state legislature changed the name one final time, re-labeling the town Sunapee, for the Algonquian Indian words Suna and Apee, meaning Goose and Lake.  The nearby mountain as well as the lake itself also share the name Sunapee.

While farming, hunting and fishing were common means of support through the years in Sunapee, the town’s principal industry is that of tourism and has been for over 150 years.  The lake was surrounded by dozens of resorts and large hotels through the years, though today there are mostly just homes dotting the shores of this beautiful lake.  Sunapee is a wonderful community of nature-loving people who are happy to be of assistance to visitors and other residents alike.

The town is host to many businesses of all varieties including fine and casual dining, stores of every kind, boat and Jet Ski rentals, and more.  Sunapee is home to several manufacturing firms that employ thousands of people from miles around, yet it still manages to keep its pristine beauty and stay as pollution-free as a modern town can.  With the mountains so close, hiking and rock-climbing are also very popular as is skiing in the winter months.  There’s plenty to do right here in the immediate area, but traveling to see the other attractions in the Granite State is a breeze.  The gorgeous NH seacoast is only an hour east while the stunning White Mountain National Forest lies about the same distance north.

Sunapee, NH, is a member of SAU #43 and maintains all the schools within the district.  Younger Sunapee students attend the Sunapee Central School, from kindergarten through the fifth grade.  Students in the sixth through eighth grade are taught at the Sunapee Middle School and high school students attend the Sunapee High School.  All schools are located within town lines and all accept tuitioned students from nearby communities.

Sunapee is a wonderful vacation destination, but an even better place to actually live.  Imagine waking up every day greeted by the amazing natural beauty that is the amazing New Hampshire countryside.  A more beautiful town you will not find – and you can live here!  First, though, you should call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim wants to help you into the home of your dreams here in the Granite State.  He’s current on the latest MLS and knows the state and its communities like few others in the field.  Call Jim now and come live the NH dream.

Sunapee Central Elementary School (k-5)
(603) 763-5675

Sunapee Middle School (6-8)
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Sunapee High School (9-12)
(603) 763-5615

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