Sanbornton, New Hampshire

Sanbornton, New Hampshire, is a small town located in the central part of the state, just west of the large Lake Winnipesaukee.  Home to about 3000 people, Sanbornton is an active community tucked into a virtual playground of lakes, ponds, streams, mountains and forests.  For the true outdoor enthusiast, there are few better places to live than central New Hampshire, and Sanbornton is a wonderful town thereof.

The area to become Sanbornton was originally known as First Township, the frontrunner in a long line of towns that would soon develop around Lake Winnipesaukee (Meredith was the second town to form).  Because the town was situated at a fork in the rivers Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee, it became known locally as “Crotchtown”, an unappealing name if ever there was.  The town was officially granted in 1748 to a group of settlers from Hampton, Exeter and Stratham.  Included in this group were twelve families carrying the name Sanborn, so the town was renamed Sanbornton and was finally incorporated as such in 1770.  Thankfully, there are no other “Crotchtowns” located within the state.

Farming and hunting sustained this little community for many years, with trade growing between surrounding communities by way of river barge and eventually, the railroad.  Mills sprung up producing much of the lumber for the hundreds of new homes that were built as this town and others in the area grew.  Over time Sanbornton has become more of a bedroom community than an industrious one, relying on tourism throughout the year to help the town’s economy continue to grow.  Today, there are a few businesses in town but most of the working class commutes to nearby towns like Tilton for work.

While there are a few small stores in Sanbornton, most of the residents visit neighboring Tilton for its Wal-Mart, Shaw’s, BJ’s, Home Depot and Lowe’s stores.  Located within shouting distance of Sanbornton, this makes for convenient shopping with very little travel.  Couple this with plenty to do in the Sanbornton area and you have a wonderful town in which to live, raise a family and/or retire.  Stunning scenery, great location, countless activities, quiet and tranquil – what more could anyone ask for?

Sanbornton has organized activities for the children, including sports, scouting and more – busy children are happy children in Sanbornton.  With New Hampshire’s natural beauty surrounding them everywhere, Sanbornton children get an education in the natural sciences every time they walk outside.  Biking and hiking, skiing and skating, there’s no excuse for not getting plenty of exercise when you live in Sanbornton.

Sanbornton is a part of SAU #59, the Winnisquam Regional School District.  Along with Tilton and Northfield, Sanbornton educates its middle- and high school students at the Winnisquam Regional Middle School and High Schools, but maintains the Sanbornton Central School for resident children of kindergarten age through the fifth grade.  There are no plans to construct additional schools in town at this time.

Sanbornton is just one of the many great towns to live in within the confines of New Hampshire.  An amazingly beautiful state from top to bottom, New Hampshire has something to offer everyone.  To find out what it has in store for you, you’ll need to call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim knows the Granite State like the back of his hand and loves extolling its virtues to those interested in living here.  Give Jim a call today and find out why more people are moving to New Hampshire than any other state in New England.

Sanbornton Central School (k-5)
(603) 286-8223 

Winnisquam Regional Middle School (6-8)
(603) 286-7143 

Winnisquam Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 286-4531 

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