Salisbury, New Hampshire

When it comes to small New England towns, they don’t get a lot smaller than Salisbury, New Hampshire.  With barely 1200 residents in town, Salisbury is one of the smallest towns in the southern portion of the Granite State.  Natural beauty surrounds this little hamlet with thick woods, rolling hills and distant mountains.  A great place to live if you want to escape the fast-paced modern world, Salisbury has homes for sale that just might be perfect for you.

One of a few towns granted by the Massachusetts government before New Hampshire became its own state, the town was first known as Baker’s Town, so-named for Captain Thomas Baker.  Upon New Hampshire gaining a permanent border with Massachusetts, the original grant was nullified and in 1749 a new grant for the town was issued.  This time it was named Stevens-town, in honor of Colonel Ebenezer Stevens.  Also known for a time as Gerrish-town and New Salisbury, after the Massachusetts town, the town was finally incorporated as Salisbury, NH in 1768.  One notable Salisbury resident, born in 1782, was Daniel Webster, a lawyer, state representative, senator and Secretary of State

A community of hunters, farmers and tradesmen, Salisbury languished in history due mostly to minimal waterpower and a lack of strategic location.  Today, however, Salisbury is a town that cherishes its peaceful past and looks to continue the tradition serenity and tranquility its residents have come to expect.  Most of Salisbury’s working populace does so in the neighboring communities of Franklin, Andover, Tilton and Concord, so “sleepy bedroom community” describes this town perfectly.

So, what is there to do in Salisbury?  Relax, unwind, enjoy the natural New England countryside, listen to the birds, absorb the stunning views and find yourself again.  If you want pulse-pounding excitement, Salisbury, NH is not for you.  If you’re looking for non-stop action and plenty to do, look elsewhere, like nearby Concord or Manchester, two of the state’s largest cities.  There is where you’ll find something happening, people doing things at all hours, businesses open late.  But in Salisbury, it’s quiet time – all the time.

Salisbury, NH is a part of SAU #46, the Merrimack Valley Regional School District.  Salisbury maintains its own elementary school, the Salisbury Elementary School, which educates students kindergarten age through the fifth grade.  All remaining Salisbury students attend the Merrimack Valley Regional Middle School and the Merrimack Valley Regional High School, both in neighboring Penacook.  Due to the small student population, there are no plans to build more schools in Salisbury.

It’s time to get away from it all – it’s time to settle down in Salisbury.  If you’d like more information about available homes for sale in Salisbury or any other wonderful New Hampshire community, just call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is here to answer all your questions, put your mind at ease and help you find the home that’s just right for you.  Call right now to talk to Jim about the New Hampshire real estate market, the latest homes for sale and everything else New Hampshire.  It’s a better way of life here.

Salisbury Elementary School (k-5)
(603) 648-2206

Merrimack Valley Regional Middle School (6-8)
(603) 753-6336

Merrimack Valley High School (9-12)
(603) 753-4311

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