Newbury, New Hampshire

The tiny resort town of Newbury, New Hampshire lies in the western-central part of the state, just off the southern tip of Lake Sunapee.  Surrounded by mountains and thick, pristine forests, Newbury is an outdoor adventure just waiting to happen.  With barely over 2000 residents, this tiny hamlet depends on revenue from visitors to Lake Sunapee in the summer and Mount Sunapee, the area’s premier ski resort, in the winter.

Newbury, New Hampshire is a town with a history including several different names.  The first grant, offered in 1753, labeled the town “Dantzic”, similar to the Baltic seaport of Dantzic, now commonly called G’dansk, Poland.  The following year, New Hampshire’s first provincial grant took place in the form of some land beside “Dantzic”, called “Hereford”, so-named for Edward Devereaux, Viscount of Hereford.  In 1772 ,the grant was rewritten to include both the Hereford and Dantzic grants, and the area was renamed “Fishersfield” after the governor’s brother-in-law, John Fisher.  Fishersfield was incorporated in 1778 and the name was again changed in 1837 at the behest of several settlers who had originated in Newbury, MA.

Fishing, hunting and farming were how the residents of Newbury survived and eventually prospered.  The farms have long since petered out and hunting has become nothing more than a sport, as opposed to a survival tactic.  Today, most Newbury residents either work at one of the service-oriented companies aimed at tourism or they work out of town and return to Newbury in the evenings.  Quiet as the day is long, Newbury is a town for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds it.  I-89 runs close (but not too close) to Newbury and offers quick travel to our neighbor to the east, Vermont, as well as an easy drive to the cities of Concord and Manchester, NH.

Newbury, New Hampshire is a part of School Administrative Unit #65 but has no schools of its own.  Newbury sends all of its school-age children to the Kearsarge Regional School District.  Kindergarten through the fifth grade is taught at either the Kearsarge Regional Elementary at New London or the Kearsarge Regional Elementary School at Bradford.  The Kearsarge Regional Middle School in New London educates Newbury students in the sixth to eighth grade, while Kearsarge Regional High School, located in North Sutton, teaches students in the ninth to twelfth grade.  With its tiny student population, Newbury is not currently considering constructing any new schools in town.

If you want to get away from it all, come on over to Newbury, NH.  Newbury has homes available for sale in this beautiful part of the state, so what are you waiting for?  Call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987 for more information surrounding the stunningly scenic Granite State.  Homes are selling fast in New Hampshire, call now and make the motto of “Live Free of Die” your very own.

Kearsarge Regional Elementary School at Bradford (k-5)
(603) 938-5959

Kearsarge Regional Elementary School – New London (k-5)
(603) 526-4737

Kearsarge Regional Middle School (6-8)
(603) 526-6415

Kearsarge Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 927-4261

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