Claremont, New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a happening, busy, blue-collar city in western New Hampshire, look no further than Claremont, NH.  The city’s population sits around 14,000 people, a number which has changed very little in the past fifty years.  Set by the Connecticut River and just a stone’s-throw from Vermont, Claremont has everything the working-class family could desire, from shopping to recreation to sporting events.  And it’s all in a setting of natural beauty, fresh air and rolling hills.

Claremont is so-named for the English palace known as Claremont Castle.  The castle was named for John Holles, first Earl of Clare, and the brother of Thomas Pelham Holles, cousin to Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth.    The original land grant for Claremont was only six miles square and contained the governor’s farm.  As a note of interest, the very first Roman Catholic Church in New Hampshire was constructed in Claremont in 1823.

The Connecticut River was the main source of power for the mills that sprang up in Claremont in its early years.  Lumber mills, textile mills and tanneries were not uncommon sights in Claremont, and as the city grew, so did its industries.  Soon, Claremont became a center of trade for the western New Hampshire/Eastern Vermont region.  Eventually, other nearby towns in New Hampshire grew in size to rival Claremont and many mills failed, but the town stayed strong and today is home to many different types of business, including groceries, lumber, cabinetry, home improvement and much, much more.

Recreation is everywhere in Claremont – golfing, tennis, bowling, swimming, biking, hiking, camping, hunting and so much more are at your front door when you buy a home in Claremont.  Nearby you’ll find state parks, more golf courses, lakes, rivers, mountains – far too much to list here.  Sunapee Lake with all its attractions is only ten minutes east while the supremely photogenic White Mountain National Forest is a mere hour’s drive north.  New Hampshire is filled with a myriad of entertaining things to do and you don’t have to look far to find them.

Claremont, NH is a member of School Administrative Unit # 6 and maintains all its own schools.  There are three elementary schools, the Bluff, Disnard and Maple Avenue Elementary Schools, one middle school, the Claremont Middle School, and one high school, the Stevens High School.

Claremont is a great place to buy a home, raise a family, then retire in peace.  Many folks who move to Claremont never leave – they’ve found their perfect town.  Claremont may be perfect for you as well, but to find out you need to talk to a person who understands the Granite State, its communities and its real estate market.  That person is Jim Miller of Bean Group – call him right now at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is in his element when he’s talking about real estate in New Hampshire and he wants to help you find the perfect home that will make you happy for years to come.  Call Jim and find out why so many people are moving to New Hampshire and loving it.

Bluff Elementary School (1-5)

Disnard Elementary School (1-5)
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Maple Avenue Elementary School (1-5)
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Claremont Middle School (6-8)
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Stevens High School (9-12)

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