Attracting Buyers

So you’ve put your home on the market but you’re not getting any interested buyers.  If you are getting a few bites, perhaps their offers are far below what you’re asking.  Should you lower your price?  Or should you raise the value of your home?  Sometimes performing a few basic home improvements can do more to attract buyers than you might think.

There are many different ways to spruce up a home for sale.  First, check your yard.  Make sure the grass is mowed, the leaves are raked, the hedges are trimmed, make sure there are no sticks lying around the property and no dead tree branches hanging off trees.  Make certain that any fences you own are in good repair.  It would be better to take down a damaged fence than to simply leave it as an eyesore.  Oftentimes something as simple as planting a few flowers in the right spots can do wonders to your property’s initial appeal.

Next, does your home’s exterior have vinyl siding or paint?  If the paint is peeling you might consider repainting the house (or adding vinyl siding).  If you already have vinyl siding, make sure it’s clean and free of stains.  A rented pressure washer can help a great deal.  Don’t forget to examine shutters, doors and window trim.

How does your driveway look?  Is it cracked?  Does it have anthills forming in those cracks?  A nice driveway can help make an appealing first impression to prospective buyers.  Sometimes all it takes to fix a driveway’s appearance is the application of a driveway sealer – something you can find at any home improvement store and can likely do yourself in an afternoon.

To the inside of the house, make sure everything is in good repair.  Dirty or worn carpets can turn away buyers, as can dirty walls or faded paint.  Check all your light switches and fixtures to be sure they’re all in working order.  Fix any damaged walls, doors, handrails, appliances – anything that might sour a potential buyer.

Finally, take a look at your neighbors’ yards.  Are they free from debris and looking respectable?  It may be difficult to confront them, but the appearance of your neighbor’s yard can dramatically affect the value of your property.  Perhaps you could offer to help them clean it up.  The bottom line is that with everything you’re trying to do to prepare your home for sale, you don’t want to let your neighbor’s slovenly habits break the deal. 

Homebuyers are very critical when they view a home.  Look at your home, property and neighborhood with that same critical eye before you believe that your house is ready to sell.  That way you’ll find the problems before the buyer does, fix them up and be able to get the price you’re asking for.



Jim Miller is a full time full service licensed Realtor® in the Southern New Hampshire area with Bean Group and has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling New Hampshire Real Estate

Contact Jim direct at 603-801-3987.

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