Wilmot, New Hampshire

The little town of Wilmot, New Hampshire, lies just west of the central part of the state.  A small town by all standards, the 1500 person population takes great pride in the quality of life it offers, from the peace and quiet of the rolling New Hampshire countryside, to the friendly waves and smiles that greet everyone who visits.  Like stepping back a hundred years in time, when you finally find Wilmot, you’ve found a simpler way to live – and a better one.

The area to become Wilmot was first part of a land grant that was bestowed upon Matthew Thornton and several others to eventually form the town of New London, NH.  For reasons lost to history, residents in the northeastern part of New London petitioned to form their own town.  This was likely because Pleasant Lake was located directly between these residents and the New London town proper.  The request was granted and in 1807 the town was incorporated as Wilmot, NH, after Dr. James Wilmot, a British minister who vocally protested the British government’s poor treatment of the American colonies.

Wilmot was never a center of commercial trade or industrial innovation.  Without much fast-moving water to power large mills, Wilmot residents instead turned to farming and hunting to provide for their families.  Today Wilmot is seen as a bedroom community – somewhere to return to after a long day at work; somewhere that it’s quiet and you can hear yourself think.  Of course, if you’re looking for something to do, there is plenty close by.  Sunapee Lake is just a few minutes from your front door and offers all kinds of winter and summer activities.  Enjoy golf?  There are half a dozen golf courses and country clubs within twenty minutes of Wilmot center.  Prefer just to enjoy the great outdoors?  See it in all its splendor by heading north into the White Mountain National Forest or simply enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Wilmot at every corner.

The largest close “city” would be Lebanon, only about twenty minutes northwest.  Concord, the state capital, lies about a half hour southeast with the state’s largest city, Manchester, is located another fifteen minutes beyond that.  Any of these three can provide Wilmot residents with all their wants and needs – while Wilmot provides the feeling of being home and secure.  Traveling a few miles for groceries is well worth the tranquility and peace of mind Wilmot offers.

Wilmot, NH, is a member of the School Administrative Unit #65 and a part of the Kearsarge Regional School District, along with the towns of Bradford, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sutton, and Warner.  Wilmot maintains no schools of its own and tuitions all students to Kearsarge Regional.

Need a place to hide away from the distractions of modern life?  Need a place to raise your kids in a secure environment?  Consider buying a home in Wilmot, NH.  If Wilmot’s pace of life is too slow for your liking, there are hundreds of other fine New Hampshire communities with homes for sale across the state.  To find the perfect home for you, just call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is here to answer all your questions and help you attain your goal of buying a home here in the Granite State.  Call today for up-to-date MLS listings.  You may be living the NH dream sooner than you think.

Kearsarge Regional Elementary School – New London (k-5)
(603) 526-4737

Sutton Central School (k-5)
(603) 927-4215

Kearsarge Regional Middle School (6-8)
(603) 526-6415

Kearsarge Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 927-4261

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