Swanzey, New Hampshire

Swanzey, New Hampshire, is a quiet little bedroom community located in the southwestern corner of the state.  With a population of about 7500 people, Swanzey is hardly one of the tiny little hamlets that dot this region of the state, yet it still manages to hold onto it’s small town New England charm and sense of traditional country values.  Breathtaking scenery is everywhere you look in this town situated in the rolling hills and lush wooded landscapes of the Granite State.  When just looking out your back door gives you a sense of tranquility and peace, you know you’ve found your home – and it’s here in Swanzey.

Swanzey, NH, started its life in 1734 as one of the seven fort towns established by the Massachusetts governor Jonathan Belcher as a line of defense against the Native Americans in the area.  Known locally as “Lower Ashuelot”, the land was granted to Captain Nathaniel Hammond and Ephraim Jones. In 1753 residents petitioned for their town to be re-granted under authority of the New Hampshire government and was chartered as “Swanzey” at the suggestion of Governor Brenton of Rhode Island.  Governor Brenton owned land in Swansea, Massachusetts and felt the name was better than “Lower Ashuelot”.

Little waterpower forced Swanzey to develop into an agricultural community and one of hunters, trappers and traders.  The much larger town of Keene was growing to the north of Swanzey leading many residents to move to that larger, more modern town and keeping Swanzey’s population relatively low.  Most of the farms have since petered out or been sold for residential development.  Swanzey is basically a bedroom community now and though it does have several larger businesses within its confines, over 80% of the town’s working population commutes to other towns for employment.  Keeping business to a minimum is important in keeping Swanzey the quiet little peaceful town that it is.

With Keene just to the north, there is little need for Swanzey residents to travel long distances.  Keene has all the fine dining, shopping and entertainment venues anyone could want, but if traveling to a larger city is necessary, Manchester, the Granite State’s largest city, isn’t more than an hour or so to the east.  The Massachusetts border is just one town away to the south and Vermont is just one town to the west, so travel to either of these states is quick and easy. 

Swanzey offers the outdoor enthusiast many opportunities for enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise, from hiking and biking to swimming and horseback riding.  The kids will be kept busy with extracurricular activities such as organized baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey youth events.  Swanzey is a member of SAU #38 and a member of the Monadnock Regional School District, along with Fitzwilliam, Gilsum, Richmond, Roxbury, Sullivan, Surry, and Troy.  Kindergarten and elementary school-age children are educated at Cutler Elementary and Mt. Caesar Elementary while the remainder of students attend the Monadnock Regional Middle and High Schools, both located in Swanzey.

Swanzey is a great town in which to retire or raise a family surrounded by people who share your traditional New England values.  There are homes for sale in Swanzey right now – your first step in purchasing one is to call Jim miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim knows southern NH like few others and loves to help people into the home of their dreams.  Call Jim today and find out why New Hampshire is the most popular state in New England.

Mt. Caesar Elementary School (k-3)
(603) 352-4797

Cutler Elementary School (4-6)
(603) 352-3383

Monadnock Regional Middle School (7-8)
(603) 352-6575

Monadnock Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 352-6575

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