Nelson, New Hampshire

When it comes to small towns within the Granite State, they don’t come much smaller than Nelson, New Hampshire.  With a population of less than 700 people, Nelson ranks as one the smallest incorporated towns in the state.  Small in size, but big on charm and hospitality, Nelson residents love their little hamlet and wouldn’t have it any other way.  One big, happy family, Nelson will welcome you into the fold as soon as you sign the closing papers on your new home.

Originally, the area to eventually become Nelson was designated “Monadnock #6”, sixth in a line of towns designed to protect Colonial New Hampshire against attacks from Native Americans in the region.  Renamed Packersfield in 1774, after Thomas Packer, High Sheriff of Portsmouth, the name was not well-received.  After a failed petition to change the name to Sullivan in 1777, a part of the town was combined with a part from Gilsum and another part from Keene to create the separate town of Sullivan in 1786.  The name of Packerfield stayed until it was finally renamed Nelson in 1814, after Lord Horatio Nelson, an English war hero who died in the British war against Napoleon.

Nelson was one of the towns fortunate enough to be located near several rivers and streams, so in addition to agriculture, the town was able to develop a manufacturing industry.  The town’s village, also called Munsonville, held many manufacturing operations including the LJ Colony Chair Company, which produced upwards of 30,000 chairs each year.  At one point, the village had over 1000 homes and ten school districts.

Since the passing of this heyday, Nelson’s population has dropped dramatically and the town has become more of a seasonal retreat.  The perfect spot to relax your vacation away, many visitors wind up buying a home in Nelson and staying forever.  The sights, the sounds and the people are what make Nelson such an attractive community of which to become a part.  And the town’s location makes it a quick and easy drive to nearby Keene, a college-town that can provide just about anything Nelson residents would need.

Nelson is a part of SAU #29 and educates resident students from kindergarten through the sixth grade.  All other Nelson students attend the Keene Middle School and the Keene High School, both in, of course, Keene.  Due to Nelson’s minute student body, there are no plans to construct additional schools in town.

If getting away from it all is your main goal in buying a new home, Nelson, NH, just may be the perfect fit.  Quiet streets with little traffic, friendly people who know your name and the comforting country atmosphere makes Nelson as near to perfect as you’re likely to find.  If you feel the same, you should call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim knows Nelson and all the other wonderful communities within the Granite State.  Come join the family and make your next move a move to New Hampshire.

Nelson School (k-5)
(603) 847-3408

Keene Middle School (6-8)
(603) 357-9020

Keene High School (9-12)
(603) 352-0640

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