Marlow, New Hampshire

The tiny town of Marlow, New Hampshire, is located in the southwestern corner of the Granite State in Cheshire County.  With a population numbering barely 800 people, Marlow is one of the more sparsely populated towns in southern New Hampshire.  Like a blast form the past, this little town rings of a time when everything moved at a slower pace and people actually cared for one another.  Marlow is a town out of history – and a town from which communities across the nation could learn a thing or two about kindness and caring for their fellow man.  Marlow, NH, is one of the last bastions of courtesy.

First chartered in 1753, the town, as it was, held the name of Addison, so-named for Joseph Addison, Secretary of State for England.  It was Joseph Addison who appointed John Wentworth the Lieutenant Governor of New Hampshire while colonial NH was still a part of Massachusetts.  With very few settlers at first, the town was re-granted as Marlow in 1761 and the charter was renewed in 1772.  Though it is uncertain as to the origin of the town’s name, some believe it was in honor of Christopher Marlowe, famed author and playwright while others feel the name stems from an English town which carries the same name.  During the border dispute with Vermont, Marlow was one of the few towns to join that state, but returned to its rightful place in the Granite State by 1781.

Using power from the Ashuelot River, Marlow developed a few mills and other shops focused on woodworking, creating furniture, tools and wooden buckets from trees felled locally.  As the industrial revolution took hold, most of the mills went out of business and much of the population returned to hunting and farming.  Today, most of the community commutes to nearby Keene or other larger communities for employment

Marlow is a town lost in time – and what many of the residents would call “perfect”.  Pastimes in town include fishing, canoeing, walking and just sitting on the back porch, drinking lemonade and listening to the breeze rustle the leaves in the trees.  Marlow is a town where everyone knows everyone else and people come together as a family.  Often described as “a little piece of heaven”, Marlow is just waiting for you to join the family.

A member of SAU #29, Marlow maintains its own elementary school for student in kindergarten through the sixth grade.  Student who are in the seventh to twelfth grade are tuitioned at the Keene Middle School and the Keene High School.  Marlow, with a student population numbering less than 100, has no plans to construct additional schools within the town.

Does Marlow sound like a piece of heaven to you?  Do you like tranquility, serenity, peace and quiet?  Are you looking for a town with old-school values and charm?  Look no further than Marlow, NH.  To buy a home in Marlow or any other wonderful community within the Granite State, your first step should be to call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim understands the New Hampshire real estate market and is eager to help you into the home of your dreams.  Call today and come join the extended family!

John D. Perkins, Sr. Elementary School (k-6)
(603) 446-3307

Keene Middle School (6-8)
(603) 357-9020

Keene High School (9-12)
(603) 352-0640

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