Madison, New Hampshire

Madison, New Hampshire, is a small town located just north of the state’s Lakes Region.  Probably best known for “The Madison Boulder”, a monstrous rock deposited tens of thousands of years ago by receding glaciers, Madison is home to about 2400 people.  A popular stop on the way to the White Mountains, Madison has a small tourist industry but is basically a bedroom community with much of its population working in the nearby towns of Conway or Ossipee.

The area to become Madison was one of the first land grants given to soldiers who survived the Seven Years War against France.  Each of the six grants given out for the Madison area consisted of about 2000 acres of land that included parts of Eaton and Albany, NH.  In 1852 the land was incorporated as one and named Madison after James Madison, the country’s fourth president.  James Madison also served as Jefferson’s Secretary of State and was the author of the Virginia Plan and the driving force behind our nation’s three-branch federal system.  His views and ideas helped create the Bill of Rights and steered America toward the system of checks and balances we all know today.

While Madison, NH, is more than just a tourist attraction, the draw of the Madison Boulder, the largest known glacial erratic in New England, simply cannot be denied.  This boulder, measuring 83 feet long by 37 feet wide and standing 23 feet above the ground, is truly a sight to behold.  The rock is located at the Madison Boulder Natural Area, a state-funded park that is perfect for picnics, pictures and stretching your legs.  Madison residents are proud of their boulder and make sure it is free from vandalism and not made slightly smaller by treasure hunters seeking a piece of the rock for themselves.

Madison is not just about the boulder, however.  The town has several businesses including a reflective clothing company, a lumber mill, pallet factory, machine shop, wilderness medical school, restaurants and the Purity Springs Ski Resort.  Madison lies just to the south of the popular towns of Conway and North Conway and, while having some industry of its own, depends greatly on the traffic passing through on its way to those two towns.  Madison is a perfect town to live in for just that reason alone – the town and its residents enjoy the income from tourists, but don’t have to deal with the brunt of them.

Madison is a member of SAU #13 and educates its own students from grades one through six, including kindergarteners.  Madison Elementary School prepares students for the academics to come when they attend the Kennett Middle and High Schools, both located in nearby Conway.  Madison has no plans to build additional schools at this time.

Looking to buy a home where you can get away from it all but still stay close to New Hampshire’s many attractions?  Perhaps buying a home in Madison is the answer.  Homes are available in this part of the state, but it’s important to have someone in your corner, someone who knows the ins and outs of the Granite State Real Estate Market.  Your first order of business should be to call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim wants to put you into the home of your dreams and won’t be satisfied until you are.  Call Jim right now and let him help find the perfect home for you.

Madison Elementary School (k-6)
(603) 367-4642

Kennett Middle School (7-8)
(603) 447-6364

Kennett High School (9-12)
(603) 356-4343 

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