Langdon, New Hampshire

Tucked quietly in the southwestern corner of Sullivan County, you will find Langdon, a tiny little New Hampshire town of less than 700 residents.  Small in both area and in population, Langdon is an easy town to miss, even when you pass right through it.  But regardless of its actual size, Langdon residents love their little hamlet and wouldn’t trade the peaceful environment of anything.

Langdon was created using parcels of land from several surrounding communities.  Incorporated in 1787, Langdon was named after John Langdon who was governor of New Hampshire for eight years, a state senator, Speaker of the House, a prominent Portsmouth businessman and more.  Langdon, NH, has always had a small population – it took the town nearly 200 years to only double the number of people living in it.  This is not because of anything negative in Langdon, it’s due primarily to the fact that the town is relatively secluded and requires a drive of about 20 minutes to reach the convenience of a larger town, such as Keene, NH.  However, most residents see this as a benefit, not a drawback, of living in this wonderful community.

Langdon has a few small businesses in town, but for the most part its residents work elsewhere and simply return to Langdon for rest and relaxation.  Some folks in town find that relaxation through fishing, boating, nature walks or just plain sitting around letting the scenery soak in.  Langdon and the surrounding countryside is a feast for the senses from the stunning scenery to the chirping birds to the smell of the pines wafting through the air.

Langdon is a member of School Administrative Unit #60 and a part of the Fall Mountain Regional School District, along with Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, and Walpole, NH.  Younger Langdon students attend the Sarah Porter School and all remaining students attend Fall Mountain.  Langdon has no plans to construct new schools in town – their entire student population numbers less than 120.

If you want seclusion, Langdon is the way to go.  If you enjoy untouched natural surroundings, Langdon might be the place for you.  If you’re looking for new home in the Granite State, then you need to call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim wants to find you the right home at the right price in the right town, so call him today and find out why more and more people are making New Hampshire their home.

Sarah Porter School (k-4)
(603) 835-2260

Vilas Middle School (5-8)
(603) 835-6351

Fall Mountain Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 835-6318

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