Fremont, New Hampshire

The small town of Fremont, New Hampshire is located in central Rockingham County in the southeastern part of the state.  Fremont’s population of only about 4000 people lends to its New England charm and backwoods ambience.  Fremont acts as a bedroom community for several nearby towns and cities such as Exeter, Portsmouth and Manchester.  With only one main route running through Fremont (Route 107), the town sits far enough off the beaten path to be overlooked by those unfamiliar with the area, and that’s exactly how the residents of this tiny hamlet want it to stay: quiet.

First settled by Europeans in the 1720’s, the entire region was considered a part of burgeoning Exeter, NH.  The woods of the area to eventually become Fremont were filled with tall, straight Eastern White Pine Trees – the perfect trees for the masts needed on the ships of the Royal English Navy. In the mid-1730’s these “reserved” trees started being felled by local settlers for home construction which prompted inspections from the English-appointed “Surveyor-General of the Majestic Woods”, David Dunbar.  Dunbar was fired upon by locals, forcing him to leave, but later returned with more men – only to be fired upon again and driven away.  This incident was referred to as “The Mast Tree Riot” and was one of the earliest documented cases of American settlers rebelling against the oppressive British Monarchy.

Originally a part of Exeter, then Brentwood when it separated from Exeter, Fremont became its own town in 1764 when Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth granted the town’s incorporation.  Initially incorporated as “Poplin”, after a small English mill town, the town petitioned the state to change its name to “Fremont” in 1854.  The town was named in honor of the popular General John C. Fremont, renowned explorer, military man and the first republican candidate in the 1856 presidential election.

With very little waterpower to speak of, Fremont residents were forced to farm the land or work at the town’s brickyard or its cooperage.  Though the railroad came through the town, it didn’t stop in Fremont and residents had to travel to neighboring Danville to catch it.  The Spaulding & Frost Cooperage, opened in 1874, remains in business today and has the distinction of being one of the oldest barrel manufacturers in the country.

Fremont has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast in the way of hunting, fishing, hiking, bicycling, etc.  There are organized youth sports including basketball, baseball and soccer.  The abandoned railroad bed allows off-road vehicles and, in the winter months, snowmobiles access to the incredibly elaborate trail networks that weave themselves through and around New Hampshire and even into neighboring states.  Fremont is only a short drive to Manchester or the seacoast due to its relatively close proximity to Route 101.

Fremont is a part of SAU# 83 and operates the Ellis Elementary School and the Ellis Middle School.  Resident students in grades nine through twelve are tuitioned at the nearby Epping High School.  Always looking to the future and thinking about the children, plans for school upgrades are currently in the works in Fremont.

Are you looking for an out-of-the-way little town like Fremont?  The southern part of our beautiful Granite State is full of warm, quiet communities just like Fremont.  If you’d like more information about Fremont or any of the other great New Hampshire towns or cities, just call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  At Jim Miller, we know all about the wonderful towns in our great state.  Call today for a no obligation discussion of what New Hampshire has to offer you and your growing family.

Ellis Elementary School (1-4)
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Ellis Middle School (5-8)
(603) 895-2511

Epping High School (9-12)
(603) 679-5472

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