Chichester, New Hampshire

Located just east of the state capital lay Chichester, New Hampshire, a small town of about 2600 people.  Chichester is a fine example of the classic New England style town – the type of town that has no traffic lights and little industry.  The residents of this little hamlet are trying their best to keep it that way by limiting the number of businesses allowed into town and restricting building permits across the board.  The effort is paying off and Chichester has become a very attractive town to live in because of that very reason.

One of the seven towns granted by a Massachusetts governor while New Hampshire was under that state’s control, Chichester was granted in 1727 and named in honor of Thomas Pelham Holles, the Duke of Newcastle, the Earl of Chichester and the Secretary of State for England.  Thomas Pelham Holles was also in charge of making and enforcing colonial policy and was therefore very involved in the goings-on between England and the new American Colonies.  For his efforts, several towns were named in his honor.

While the nearest highway is Route 4 (hardly a highway at all), this does not mean that Chichester is so far removed from civilization to be considered a backwoods town.  In fact, the state capital of Concord is a mere ten minutes away.  Chichester is just tucked away off the beaten path; a path that was, at one time, the main route from the seacoast to the capital.  With the advent of more modern highways, Route 4 slowly became less and less used.  While still a common means of east-west transport, the road and the towns that line it have started to become less and less visible in today’s fast-paced world.

Chichester is a quiet, tranquil town – perfect for retirement or raising a family away from the city’s influence.  There are organized activities for the children, camping, trails for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  The mountains to the north can be reached in about an hour and the seacoast is even closer.  Not far to the south lies the Queen City of Manchester, a great city to visit for a multi-cultural experience of sights, sounds and tastes.  And when it’s all done, you get to return to the serenity that is Chichester, NH.

Chichester is a part of School Administrative Unit #53 and educates its resident students from kindergarten up to grade eight at the Chichester Central School.  High school age students attend the Pembroke Academy in nearby Pembroke, NH.  Chichester has no current plans to construct their own high school.

If “getting away from the workaday world” means hiding in your house and turning up the volume on the TV, you need to move to New Hampshire.  From Chichester to Colebrook, from Durham to Dixville, there’s a quiet little town with your name on it just waiting to be discovered.  And we can help – call Jim Miller at (603) 801-3987 today and we’ll help guide you to your perfect home in the prefect New Hampshire town.  Homes are available for purchase all throughout the state – call now for details.

Chichester Central School (k-8)
(603) 798-5651

Pembroke Academy (9-12)
(603) 485-7881

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