Acworth, New Hampshire

Tucked away in the western part of the state you can find Acworth, New Hampshire, a very small town of less than 1000 residents.  Acworth is located in Sullivan County and is within just a few miles of the Vermont border in the rolling hills and thickly-wooded forests of the Granite State.  Slow, quiet and tranquil, Acworth makes the perfect home for people who have no desire to be trapped in the busy, hectic world of modern city life.

Acworth began its life as Burnet, so-named for William Burnet, Royal Governor for the provinces of Massachusetts and New Hampshire back when the two were governed as one.  The land lay unused for another 14 years until, in 1766, the Masonian Proprietors re-granted Burnet under the name Acworth, in honor of Sir Jacob Acworth, a British Admiral and English Nobleman.  Six years later the town was officially incorporated.  Currently, Acworth’s Congregational Church, built in 1821, is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was first the town’s meetinghouse, then was converted to the church and is still admired today for its classic federal-style architecture.  The Acworth Silsby Library is also listed in the National Register.

Today Acworth stands as a reminder of a simpler time – a time before the modern, fast-paced rat race.  In Acworth, you can hear the breeze rustle the leaves.  In Acworth, you can pull trout out of a stream, one after another, all day long without seeing another human being.  In Acworth, you can get in touch with what’s really important – and forget all about what’s not.

There isn’t much business transpiring in Acworth, as you can well imagine.  With a population not even numbering 1000 people, there isn’t a lot of demand for large shopping chains, nor is there the manpower required to operate large industries.  Acworth residents must travel to nearby Claremont or Keene for larger purchases and a wider variety of shopping choices.  However, for outdoor recreation, Acworth is only about 10 miles from Sunapee Lake and there are three State Parks that also reside within that distance.

Acworth, NH, is a part of School Administrative Unit #60 and belongs to the Fall Mountain Regional School District, along with Alstead, Charlestown, Langdon and Walpole.  Acworth maintains the Acworth Center School for elementary school children, and sends all other resident students to the Vilas Middle School in Alstead and the Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon.

There are sometimes homes available for sale in Acworth, and when there are, they usually go quick.  In order to get your hands on the home of your dreams in the perfect, quiet little town of Acworth, you’ll need someone who has their finger on the pulse of New Hampshire’s real estate market.  That person is Jim Miller of Bean Group.  Call Jim today at (603) 801-3987 to see what homes are available here in the Granite State.  Jim wants nothing less than your complete satisfaction, so call right now and get the ball rolling.

Acworth Center School (1-5)
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Vilas Center School (6-8)
(603) 835-6351

Fall Mountain Regional High School (9-12)
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