Wentworth, New Hampshire

Wentworth, New Hampshire is a town of many opportunities.  The residents of this town enjoy the closeness to Plymouth for convenience to shopping as well as many fine employment opportunities.  Wentworth is located inside the New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest, which makes this town a fine place for the outdoorsman to live.  This town is a great place to live, whether you're looking to settle down and raise a family or find a nice quiet peaceful town to relax in or retire.

The town of Wentworth was first chartered in 1766 to a large group of people, of which John Page is most notable.  The name of the town is derived from Governor Benning Wentworth.  The original grantees of the town were given 5 years to settle the claims given in the charter, most of which were unable to comply by the end of the term and forfeited the claim.  In 1772, a man named Asa Porter and others from the town of Haverhill, petitioned Governor John Wentworth, Benning Wentworth's nephew, for some of the forfeited shares.  This petition was granted.  Between the two Wentworth governors 280 towns were chartered in both the states of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Wentworth, New Hampshire, is located within a 30-minute drive to both Plymouth and Waterville Valley.  Plymouth has many job opportunities when you live in Wentworth and Waterville Valley is home to the prestigious Waterville Valley Ski and Snowboard Resort.  Summertime in Wentworth gives residents the opportunity to go hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, hunting, camping, and back-packing.  Wintertime gives the residents of the town the ability to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or snowshoe.  There are countless activities for Wentworth residents to partake in, all depending upon personal preference.

Wentworth is part of the New Hampshire School Administrative Unit # 48.  This SAU educates the children from the towns of Wentworth, Ashland, Campton, Holderness, Waterville Valley, Plymouth, and Rumney.  The resident children of Wentworth in grades Kindergarten through 8 are taught at Wentworth Elementary School, while the children in grades 9 through 12 are educated at Plymouth Regional High School.

Wentworth is a prime location to live, no matter what your needs.  The beautiful environment and serene atmosphere make it a great place to retire and enjoy your golden years, while the distance to major cities such as Plymouth make it an easy commute to work and for living needs as well.   Homes don't stay on the market long in this part of New Hampshire, which is why you need a friendly, understanding buyer agent on your side.  This buyer agent should be Jim Miller.  Jim will help you step by step on the road to purchasing the home of your dreams.  Call Jim today at (603) 801-3987.

Wentworth Elementary School (K-8)
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Plymouth Regional High School (9-12)
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