Walpole, New Hampshire

Walpole, New Hampshire, is a small but industrious little town located on the Connecticut River in the southwestern part of the state.  Situated in Cheshire County and only a stone’s throw from Vermont, Walpole has about 3800 residents, all of whom are proud to call this busy little borough their home.  Filled with the blooms of lilacs in May, Walpole was the inspiration for Louisa May Alcott’s 1878 book, “Under The Lilacs”.

Walpole began its existence as “Number 3”, the third fort town in a line of defensive settlements that ran along the Connecticut River.  These settlements were designed to repel Indian attacks and after New Hampshire became its own province, the settlement was regranted by Governor Benning Wentworth as “Bellowstown”, so-named for Colonel Benjamin Bellows, builder of the original Number 3 fort.  Incorporated in 1756, the town’s grant was renewed in 1761 and renamed Walpole in honor of Sir Robert Walpole, First Earl of Oxford and the very first prime minister of England.

With waterpower from the Connecticut River, Walpole residents built mills and factories to provide a living to support their families.  A bridge was built across the river in 1785, one of the more famous of the early bridges built in the US.  The Walpole Academy was constructed in 1831 and remains on the National Register of Historic Places to this day.  The town also holds several other buildings of historic interest and is frequently visited by college students who are studying local historic architecture.  Today’s Walpole is an industrious blue-collar community with dozens of strong businesses operating in town.

Walpole is tucked neatly between the college city of Keene and the large town of Claremont.  Between what Walpole itself offers and these two “mini-cities”, there is little that residents don’t have access to.  And with Vermont right next door and New Hampshire’s White Mountains just a short trip north, the sightseeing is hard to beat.  Walpole is very close to several ski resorts and offers residents hiking, biking and horseback riding when there’s no snow around.  Surrounded by natural beauty and filled with classic New England charm, Walpole is a fantastic New Hampshire community that welcomes newcomers, old and young alike.

Walpole, New Hampshire, is a member of SAU #6, the Fall Mountain Regional School District, and operates all its own schools within town lines, with the exception of the Fall Mountain Regional High School, located in nearby Langdon, NH.

A great town to escape to, Walpole has homes ready for you to move in to.  To find these homes, your first step should be to call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is ready to answer all your questions about the beautiful state of New Hampshire and direct you toward the homes that you want to see, the homes that are right for you.  Call today and come to New Hampshire – we’re waiting for you.

Walpole Primary School  (k-2)
(603) 756-4728

North Walpole School (3-4)
(603) 445-5450

Walpole School (5-8)
(603) 756-4728

Fall Mountain Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 835-6318

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