Surry, New Hampshire

Where can you find a town that still holds traditional family values to heart?  Right here in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire in a tiny little town called Surry.  Located in Cheshire County in the southern part of the Granite State, Surry is a small community of about 700 residents who are more than happy to extend a warm welcome to their new neighbors – neighbors that could be you.  This little town has a lot to offer both the growing family and the retiring couple from a strong sense of family to the peace and quiet you’ve worked so long to enjoy.  Surry is a town that’s easy to make your own.

Surry, NH, was created in 1769 from parts of existing towns including Gilsum and Westmoreland.  The town was named after Charles Howard, Earl of Surry and Duke of Norfolk.  In 1781, during the border dispute with neighboring Vermont, Surry was one of the few towns from New Hampshire that attempted to join the Green Mountain State.  Upon reconciliation, Surry returned to its rightful spot in the southwestern corner of NH.  Surry was found to have quantities of mineral deposits that included gold, lead, silver and copper.  These veins have long since been played out and there are no current mining or quarrying operations in Surry.

Surry is the home base for most of its working residents.  A full 85% of workers in Surry commute to their jobs in other towns.  That’s not to say there isn’t any business in town; there is, but it’s not enough to employ more than 8% of the town’s working population.  So if your goal is to find employment in a busy, industrious town, Surry is not the place for you.  But if you want a nice house surrounded by natural beauty in a quiet little town with little crime, noise or pollution, look no further – Surry is the home you’ve been searching for.

Due to Surry’s somewhat remote location, traveling to the seacoast can take almost an hour and a half, as can a trip to the White Mountains.  But most Surry residents have little interest in leaving their small slice of heaven – they’ve got everything they need right here.  And if they can’t find what they need in Surry, the city of Keene is less than a ten-minute drive south. 

Surry is a member of the School Administrative Unit #38 and operates no schools of its own.  Instead, kindergarten and elementary school-age children in Surry are educated at the Gilsum Elementary School and the Sullivan Elementary School.  All other Surry students are tuitioned at the Monadnock Regional Middle School and the Monadnock Regional High School, both located in nearby Swanzey, NH.  Very satisfied with the current schooling situation, Surry has no plans to create additional schools in town.

Is it time to find your sanctuary?  Is it time to live in a place that you’re proud to call home?  If so, New Hampshire is the state for you.  No matter which town you choose to make your home, you will have finally found what you’ve been looking for – a beautiful new home in a wonderful community filled with caring people.  What more could you ask for?  Start down the path that leads to your dreams by calling Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim’s here to help you into the perfect home in the perfect town, so call today and start the ball rolling!  New Hampshire homes sell fast, so don’t hesitate, call now.

Sullivan Elementary School (k-4)
(603) 847-3441

Gilsum Elementary School (k-6)
(603) 352-2226

Monadnock Regional Middle School (5-8)
(603) 352-6575

Monadnock Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 352-6575

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