Richmond, New Hampshire

Yet another small southern New Hampshire town, Richmond, NH has much to offer young families and retirees alike.  Just north of the Massachusetts border in the southwestern part of the Granite State, Richmond is home to about 1200 people, very little industry and natural beauty as far as the eye can see.  If you’re looking to step away from the hubbub of the “workaday world”, your escape lies here in Richmond, NH.

The land to eventually become Richmond, NH was first granted in 1735 to a band of soldiers who had fought in the Canadian war.  The land was named “Sylvester-Canada” in honor of their captain, Joseph Sylvester.  Once New Hampshire became its own province, the governor, Benning Wentworth, re-granted all the towns with “Canada” in the name and “Sylvester-Canada” became Richmond, in honor of the governor’s English friend, Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond.  The Duke was an avid supporter of colonial independence and the governor showed his appreciation with this gesture.

Farming was often difficult in the rocky soil and uneven, hilly lands of Richmond.  Waterpower was available by means of streams and rivers, so the settlers took advantage of this and began producing lumber and other products from their newly constructed mills.  Alterations in the upstream water supplies over the years led to a decline in the Richmond mills, causing a paralleled decline in population.  By 1970, the population had diminished to only 290 people living in town.  It was around this time that people in the surrounding communities realized what Richmond had to offer in the way of tranquility and a high quality of life.  This led to a population explosion within the town, effectively quadrupling the number of inhabitants over a thirty-five year period.  Today Richmond is recognized as a bedroom community with over 90% of the town’s working population commuting to other towns and cities for work.

Peace and quiet are the standards in town.  There are no large monolithic corporations to bring with them the pollution, noise and the “undesirable working class” that usually follows.  Everyone in town greets strangers with a wave and a smile – violent crime in Richmond is nearly unheard of.  If you want an escape – here it is: Richmond, New Hampshire.

Richmond is a member of SAU #38 and the Monadnock Regional Cooperative School District, along with the neighboring towns of Gilsum, Roxbury, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey and Troy.  With its tiny student population, Richmond has no plans to construct schools in town.

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Mt. Caesar Elementary School (k-3)
(603) 352-4797

Cutler Elementary School (4-6)
(603) 352-3383

Monadnock Regional Middle School (5-8)
(603) 352-6575

Monadnock Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 352-6575

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