Pittsfield, New Hampshire

Situated only about ten miles south of the great Lake Winnipesaukee lies Pittsfield, New Hampshire, a small town of less than 5000 residents.  This charming town has all the qualities that make it a classic New England town: historic buildings, little industry, friendly faces, traditional values and trees, trees, trees, as far as the eye can see.  As with most New Hampshire communities, Pittsfield is a sportsman’s paradise with rivers, lakes, ponds and streams by the score.  A wonderful place to visit, even a better place to live, Pittsfield is true New Hampshire, through and through.

Originally, the land that was to become Pittsfield was an unnamed northern part of Chichester until three men petitioned for the land to become its own township.  This was granted in 1782 and the northern parish was incorporated as “Pittsfield”, thereby separating from Chichester forever.  The town was named after William Pitt, the Prime Minister of England and Colonial sympathizer.

Pittsfield sits directly beside a river that provided power to mills for well over a century.  Producing linen, lumber and bricks, the community grew quickly with farms springing up at every turn.  As did most mills over the past two hundred years, they eventually closed down and most of the farms have been sold off and are being developed into residential neighborhoods.  Today, Pittsfield has several industries in town, the largest of which is the Globe Manufacturing Company, providing protective equipment to firefighters for over a hundred years.

When you buy a home in Pittsfield, you’re buying more than just a place to sleep, you’re buying into a large family.  When you live in Pittsfield, you become part of this extended family of friends and neighbors who, in time of need, will be there for you.  That’s what classic New England towns are all about – helping your neighbor and being there for them.  Couple that with the breathtaking beauty and incredible location of this town and you’ve got the makings for a wonderful community that’s just waiting for you to become part of it.

Pittsfield operates all its own schools within the town itself.  A member of SAU# 51, Pittsfield schools include the Pittsfield Elementary School and the Pittsfield Middle High School.  There are no plans to expand the current school system at this time.

Pittsfield is your new home; you just haven’t realized it yet.  If you want to learn more about Pittsfield or any of the other wonderful communities within our naturally beautiful state, the first thing you must do is call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is here to answer all your questions about the real estate market in southern and central NH.  A longtime resident of the Granite State, Jim knows New Hampshire intimately and lives to extol its many virtues to those interested in becoming a part of it.  Call today and see what NH has to offer you.

Pittsfield Elementary School (p/k-6)
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Pittsfield Middle High School (7-12)
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