Landaff, New Hampshire

Landaff, New Hampshire, is the epitome of small-town-America.  Landaff is one of the smallest towns in New Hampshire, with only 370 people within its 28.4 square mile area.  Bordered to the east by the New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest, this town is an excellent place to come and relax all year round and only about 30 minutes to the west, you will find the Connecticut River and the border to Vermont.  Peace and tranquility this pure is hard to come by no matter where you live, but here in Landaff, it's a daily occurrence.

Landaff was first granted rights as a town in 1764, but was originally known as Witcherville.  The name was changed to Landaff when it was incorporated in 1764; so-named for the Bishop of Llandaff, who was chaplain to England's King George III.  The first recorded census in this town was the same year it was officially granted and it is recorded that there were only 60 colonists at that time.  The original claim on this town was negated because Governor Wentworth discovered that most people had not fulfilled the original guidelines to the town grant, so he pulled the township claim, and decided to make Landaff a foundation for Dartmouth College.  However several years later, townspeople discovered that the revocation was not legal, and re-filed their claim.

There's always plenty to do in Landaff, New Hampshire.  No matter what time of year it is, relaxation and/or excitement are only minutes away.  In this beautiful town outdoor activities are bountiful, such as snow shoeing, bicycling, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, and just plain enjoying the sights and sounds of northern New Hampshire.  Landaff is one of those towns where no matter what age you are, as long as you enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Landaff, New Hampshire, is part of New Hampshire SAU #35, which covers the towns of Lisbon and Lyman as well.  Landaff itself educates students from kindergarten to third grade at their elementary school known as The Blue School, but sends children away for fourth grade through twelfth grade to the Lisbon Regional School.  Because Landaff is such a small community, The Blue School was only reported to have 17 children enrolled at the Blue School in 2006.

As in most New Hampshire communities, homes sell fast in Landaff and this is the ideal place to live for anybody seeking the small town experience.  From absorbing the natural beauty that surrounds you to racing across snow-covered fields in a snowmobile, Landaff has something to offer everyone.  But since the homes here sell fast, you’ll need a reliable, helpful NH Buyer Agent like Jim Miller of Bean Groups.  Give Jim a call today at (603) 801-3987 to find out what a NH Buyer Agent can do for you.

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