Hollis, New Hampshire

Deeply rooted in agriculture, Hollis, New Hampshire has grown in recent years.  With its population nearly doubling to 8000 in the past thirty years, Hollis has had to adapt to a changing community.  Many Hollis residents work in Massachusetts but choose to live in tax-free New Hampshire, slowly turning the small farming town into a large bedroom community.  Though agriculture is still a large part of Hollis's charm and character, several farms in the past few years have been purchased by developers in an effort to answer the demand for housing.

Hollis owes its beginnings to a 1673 land grant called the Dunstable Grant.  When the land, known simply as Dunstable, was eventually divided, Governor Benning Wentworth named the western division "Holles" after an ancestor of his named John Holles, Earl of Clare.  Chartered in 1746, Holles, or Hollis as it came to be spelled, was mostly farmland with rolling hills and fertile soil.  The town borders were more concretely established in 1786 when a part of Nashua was given to Hollis and a part of Hollis was given to neighboring Brookline.

Still known for its agriculture, farms continue to produce in Hollis with an active growing area of over 2000 square acres.  Fresh corn, pumpkins, strawberries and apples attract people from miles around.  Summer festivals are a common site in Hollis as well as Fall harvests with a country fair ambience.  Yearly Old Home Days bring back a time lost in much of today's hustling, bustling society.  The center of Hollis is a designated Historical District and contains many historic homes and buildings, including the Always Ready Firehouse, which now houses the Hollis Historical Society.  Hollis, New Hampshire is also home to the Beaver Brook Association conservation area which offers over twenty-five miles of hiking and horseback riding trails as well as educational programs regarding wildlife and land conservation.  For swimming, fishing, picnicking and boating, Silver Lake State Park is also conveniently located in Hollis.

Hollis is a part of the SAU #41 along with Brookline, NH.  Hollis maintains its own preschool and kindergarten facilities as well providing for grades one through six in the Hollis Primary School and the Hollis Upper Elementary School.  Students in grades seven and eight attend the recently renovated and expanded Hollis Brookline Middle School along with children from nearby Brookline.  Hollis and Brookline students in grades nine through twelve attend the Hollis Brookline High School, which opened in September, 2000.

Hollis Primary School (p/k-3)
(603) 465-2260

Hollis Upper Elementary School (4-6)
(603) 465-9182

Hollis Brookline Middle School(7-8)
(603) 465-2269

Hollis Brookline High School (9-12)
(603) 465-2223

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