Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Tucked in the southwestern-most corner of the Granite State, you will find Hinsdale, NH, an industrious town of about 4000 residents.  Bordering Vermont to the west, the Green Mountain State is separated from Hinsdale by the powerful Connecticut River.  Natural beauty abounds in this region of the state, making Hinsdale an attractive town for homebuyers in New Hampshire.

Hinsdale was first chartered, then incorporated, in 1753.  Governor Benning Wentworth named the town after the prominent New Hampshire figure, Colonel Ebenezer Hinsdale.  After graduating from Harvard College, Ebenezer Hinsdale went on to serve as a chaplain at Fort Dummer, a strategic trading post located alongside the Connecticut River.  He later enlisted as an officer in the army, eventually attaining the rank of Colonel.  In 1742, Colonel Hinsdale, apparently at his own expense, constructed Fort Hinsdale, a walled community designed to repel attacks from local Native Americans.  The fort contained a trading post and a gristmill, both very important to the area at the time.  With all his involvement in the development of the town, it’s little wonder why it carries his name.

Hinsdale was primarily a farming and trading community, but the Connecticut River allowed for the construction and operation of many mills.  Lumber, grains, textiles and parts manufacturing allowed Hinsdale to become a powerful community in a short period of time.  Still industrious today, Hinsdale offers residents not only a quiet New England town to call their own, but a place to work, shop and have fun as well.

Hinsdale is as far removed from seacoast New Hampshire as you can get in the state without traveling well into the Appalachian Mountain Range.  As far south and as far west as you can go within state lines, Hinsdale is a world unto itself.  However, if you need to visit a more populated area, the college-town of Keene is only about twenty minutes away.  To reach the state’s largest city, Manchester, you’ll need to drive another hour-or-so east.  If you’re looking to visit Vermont, however, just walk across the bridge and you’re there.  Or, if Massachusetts is in your plans, walk (or maybe drive) just a few minutes south.  You don’t get any more southwest in New Hampshire than Hinsdale.

The Hinsdale NH School District is a part of the School Administrative Unit #38.  Hinsdale maintains the education for all resident students through the Hinsdale Elementary School and the Hinsdale Middle/High School.  No students are tuitioned at other schools and there are no plans to construct more schools at this time.

Homes are available for sale in Hinsdale, New Hampshire and most other communities throughout the state; you just need to know where to look for them.  Jim Miller of Bean Group knows the listings, the towns and the state – if you’re looking to buy a home in New Hampshire, call Jim at (603) 801-3987.  He knows the ins and outs, the ups and downs and he’s eager to help you find the perfect home.  Call today, New Hampshire property moves fast.

Hinsdale Elementary School (p/k-6)
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Hinsdale High School  (7-12)
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