Farmington, New Hampshire

Farmington, New Hampshire is a small community of about 6500 residents located near the Maine border just north of Rochester, NH.    Far enough from the crowded city to enjoy the tranquility of New Hampshire's woods, Farmington is a rural bedroom community whose inhabitants want only to keep the area serene and beautiful for the next generation of nature-loving residents.

Farmington began its existence as a northern parish of the town of Rochester, now a full-fledged city.  Settlers in that area felt the distance they had to travel to attend town meetings or church services was too far, so in 1783 they petitioned to become their own town.  This attempt failed but when the parish residents tried again in 1798, their appeal was granted and in 1800 Farmington was incorporated as a township.

Using power from the Cocheco River, the community built factories and began producing, in addition to other items, shoes, and quickly became known as “The Shoe Capital of New Hampshire”.  Tilling the soil to produce fruits and vegetables as well as raise livestock also became commonplace in Farmington, hence the town’s name.  The shoe industry died out in the mid 1900’s, as did much of the farming, and Farmington slowly evolved into the bedroom community we know it as today.

The town of Farmington is very close to New Hampshire's largest lake, Lake Winnipesaukee and is itself surrounded by many lakes, ponds and streams.  This locale gives rise to boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, water skiing and just plain relaxing by the water.  In the winter months you can ice fish, snowmobile, cross country ski and snowshoe through the thick New England wilderness.  Farmington is an outdoorsman’s (and women’s) paradise.  Farmington is also home to several antique shops and Mom & Pop businesses.  The community is one of family and as soon as you purchase a home in town, you become a member of that family.  Strong in family values and standing up for what is right, the town of Farmington is perfect for young and old alike.

Farmington, NH is a member of School Administrative Unit #61 and operates all its own schools for its resident children, from kindergarten age up through high school.

Farmington is a warm, quiet community that takes care of its own.  Would you like to become a member of this caring, thoughtful little town?  Do you have questions regarding Farmington or any other wonderful New Hampshire town?  All your questions will be answered when you call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  We’re here to answer your questions and to put your fears of purchasing a home in the Granite State to rest.  One call will do it, and soon you’ll be living the New Hampshire dream.

Valley View Community School (k-3)
(603) 755-4757

Henry Wilson Memorial School (4-8)
(603) 755-2181

Farmington High School (9-12)
(603) 755-2811

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