Ellsworth, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to some pretty small towns and Ellsworth, NH, is one of the smallest.  With less than 90 residents in this town of 21+ square miles, Ellsworth comes in as the second smallest incorporated town in the Granite State, right behind Hart’s Location.  Tucked in a valley between Peaked Hill to the north and Bald Mountain to the south, Ellsworth may be small in population, but it’s very large on scenic wonder and jaw-dropping natural beauty.

When the town was first granted, it was known as Trecothick, named for Lord Mayor of London, Barlow Trecothick.  Also the head of the East India trading Company, Trecothick was an early, fervent believer that New Hampshire should be its own province with its own governor.  He worked hard toward that end, but few towns were incorporated prior to the end of the American Revolution, and when the town finally was incorporated in 1802, it was named in honor of Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth.  Ellsworth had just negotiated a peace treaty with France that eventually led to the Louisiana Purchase, possibly the best real estate deal in history.

Hunting and a little farming is what kept most families alive in this part of the state.  There was little waterpower to get mills going, though there was plenty of lumber.  Some of this was cut and hauled by horses to the rest of the state where lumber was quickly being used up.  Today, Ellsworth is mostly a bedroom community for folks working in Plymouth, Campton or Thornton.  Little business exists in the valley, and that’s just how residents of Ellsworth want to keep it.

Ellsworth, NH, is a member of School Administrative Unit #48.  Grades one through eight are tuitioned at the Campton Elementary School, while the remaining students are taught at the Pemi-Baker Cooperative and attend the Plymouth Regional High School.  It goes without saying that Ellsworth has no plans to build schools any time soon.

There isn’t much going on in Ellsworth, NH; wildlife, forests, mountain scenery and all that comes with it, though, are here in abundance.  Ellsworth is the perfect retirement community or the perfect vacation community – as long as you want little more than peace, quiet and tranquility.  Homes rarely go on sale in Ellsworth, but when they do you’ll need someone who knows the ins and outs of the NH real estate market.  That person is Jim Miller of Bean Group.  Jim has been buying and selling New Hampshire properties for years and he knows how the market works.  Jim is up to date with the latest MLS listings and he keeps his ear to the ground looking out for deals that just might fit your needs.  Give Jim a call today at (603) 801-3987 and see just how quickly you can be living in the White Mountains or any other region of New Hampshire.

Campton Elementary School (k-8)
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Plymouth Regional High School (9-12)
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