Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Tucked away in the southwestern-most corner of the Granite State you will find Chesterfield, NH, a busy little community of about 3400 residents.  Bordering the eastern edge of Vermont, this small town often gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to happenings within the state.  Perhaps that’s due to Chesterfield’s very low crime rate or just its outlying location, but residents of this proud community wouldn’t have it any other way – they prefer to leave the limelight to the big cities of Nashua, Manchester and Concord.

The area to become Chesterfield was initially established as Number One, the first in a line of defense/trading posts designed to repel attacks from the nearby Native American communities.  Defending the post as early as 1735, the village that developed was eventually incorporated as a New Hampshire town in 1752, about a decade after New Hampshire became its own province.  The town was named Chesterfield after Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

While beginning its existence as a fort/trading post, most Chesterfield residents soon took to farming the land and/or hunting to support themselves and their families.  A center of trading for a short time, trappers and hunters traded their pelts and skins for goods needed to hunt and survive in the forests, but the centers for trading quickly shifted east toward the more populated communities of the late-1700’s.

Today Chesterfield is a hard-working community of mostly middle-class residents.  The largest employer in town, United National Foods, provides an income to over 200 residents and much of the town revolves around this single supportive business.  Though there are several other small businesses in town, none are nearly the size of United and residents generally look at the company as a part of the big Chesterfield family.

Chesterfield itself has little tourism, but the Chesterfield Gorge draws more than its fair share of visitors to the town each year.  A short trail follows the Wilde Brook as it cascades over the falls and rocks of Chesterfield Gorge offering beautiful views worthy of at least a few rolls of film.  For even more exciting vistas, it’s about an hour’s drive to the White Mountain National Forest where you can experience scenic wonders unlike any others.

Chesterfield is a part of SAU #29 and educates resident students from kindergarten age through the eighth grade at the Chesterfield School, in Chesterfield.  High school-age children are tuitioned at Keene High School in, of course, Keene, NH.  With barely over 400 students within the first to eighth grades, there are no current plans to construct additional schools in Chesterfield at this time.

There are homes for sale in Chesterfield – are you interested?  It’s a great community with kind people, a wonderful school system and clean fresh air.  If this southern NH community appeals to you and you’d like more information, please call (603) 801-3987, the office of Jim Miller Bean Group.  Jim knows New Hampshire inside and out and would love to discuss the Granite State with you.  There’s no better time to buy a home in NH than right now, so call soon before your dream home disappears from the market.

Chesterfield School (k-8)
(603) 363-8301

Keene High School (9-12)
(603) 352-0640

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