Brookfield, New Hampshire

Brookfield, New Hampshire, is a small town located just east of Lake Winnipesaukee in the heart of the Lakes Region.  With less than 700 people living within its confines, Brookfield is a town that’s small in population but big in scenic beauty.  People move to Brookfield to get away from the modern world and become a part of the natural wonder the great Granite State offers. 

Brookfield was first settled in 1726 while New Hampshire still fell under the rule of Massachusetts.  The area was part of a planned grant called Coleraine, but the grant was never authorized.  Eventually, the settlement became a part of Middleton and remained that way until 1794 when the northern part of Middleton combined with a part of Wolfeboro to form the independent community of Brookfield.  The first attempt, in 1785 failed, but approval was finally granted nine years later.  The town is believed to be so-named for the town in Massachusetts with the same moniker.

Hunting, fishing and farming were the main means of support for Brookfield residents for centuries, though a few mills sprung into and out of existence over the years.  The abundance of freshwater lakes and streams provided plenty of fish while the untouched woodlands of the area provided an abundance of game.  The land, however, proved to be very fertile and farms that sprung up in Brookfield did very well for many years.  Today, however, Brookfield is a bedroom community with few farms and very little commercial or industrial business in town.

Brookfield is a sportman’s paradise and the perfect place to retire in peace and quiet.  Brookfield has little traffic, little noise and very few people to bother you – perfect for slipping out of the rat race and into a comfortable lifestyle of watching birds and enjoying the view.  Wildlife abounds in Brookfield, so during deer, moose or duck season, the town attracts a great number of hunters – and sightseers, since the fall foliage usually peaks near the same time that hunting season opens.  Be sure to where bright colors if hiking the NH woods in the fall months.

Brookfield is very close to Wolfeboro, a town much larger than itself which can provide for most of the needs of Brookfield residents.  The point of living in Brookfield, however, is to retreat from the fast-paced world, and while Wolfeboro is far from “fast-paced”, it’s a bustling metropolis when compared to Brookfield.  Brookfield is a member of School Administrative Unit #49, the Governor Wentworth School District, along with the towns of Effingham, New Durham, Ossipee, Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro.  Brookfield has no schools of its own, so sends resident elementary school students to the Carpenter Elementary School and the Crescent Lake School, both located in Wolfeboro.  Students in grades seven and eight attend the Kingswood Regional Middle school, while high school students are educated at the Kingswood Regional High School, both also located in Wolfeboro.  Brookfield has no plans to construct their own schools at this time.

If you want to get away from it all, there’s no better town in which to do so than Brookfield.  However, homes go up for sale rather infrequently in Brookfield, so you need to have someone in your corner, someone who knows the Real Estate Market in New Hampshire, someone who will look out for your best interests.  That person is Jim Miller of Bean Group.  Call Jim now at (603) 801-3987.  Jim is an MLS expert, a great buyer’s agent and wants to help you into the home of your dreams.  Make the dream come true – call Jim today!

Carpenter Elementary School (k-3)
(603) 569-3457

Crescent Lake School (4-6)
(603) 569-0223

Kingswood Regional Middle School (6-8)
(603) 569-3689

Kingswood Regional High School (9-12)
(603) 569-2055

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