Brentwood, New Hampshire

Located in central Rockingham County in the southeastern part of New Hampshire, Brentwood is a small town of about 4000 people.  Primarily a bedroom community for residents working in the nearby towns of Exeter, Portsmouth and even Haverhill, Massachusetts, Brentwood offers rolling hills, lush, heavily-wooded forests and clean, clear rivers and streams.  With little industrial or commercial business and plenty of undeveloped land, Brentwood remains a quiet, easygoing community with no current plans of changing.

Brentwood was once a part of Exeter, NH known as Brentwood Parish.  Prior to that, it is well documented through stone and wooden artifacts that the Penacook Abenaki Indians fished, farmed and hunted in the area.  In 1742, however, with the Native Americans all but lost to history, Governor Benning Wentworth granted the Brentwood Parish petition and the town of Brentwood was incorporated into existence.  The first few years were tumultuous with strong disagreements over the placement of the meetinghouse finally dividing the town in two around 1744.  The governor established the “Keeneborough Parish” within Brentwood to settle the dispute but the two towns eventually settled their dispute and were re-incorporated as one in 1750.  Brentwood used its rivers to develop lumber mills as well as irrigation for farming but in time the mills and farms all disappeared and Brentwood is now primarily a town of residences and little business.

Brentwood’s main access road is Route 125 which travels north toward Epping and south toward Kingston.  The town boasts several rivers and streams for fishing, boating and swimming as well as trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing.  Brentwood has many youth oriented sports, such as soccer, baseball and basketball and also offers camping and even a museum.  Nearby points of interest include historic Exeter, the NH seacoast, historic Portsmouth and the ever-popular Kingston State Park.

Brentwood is a part of SAU #16 and operates its own elementary school, the Swasey Central Elementary School.  Brentwood students in grades six through eight attend the Cooperative Middle School in Exeter and students in grades nine through twelve are taught at the Exeter High School, also in Exeter.  Because of its low student population, Brentwood has no current plans to build a middle or high school.

If you’re looking for the type of serenity that can only be found far from the city, look no further than Brentwood, New Hampshire.  Brentwood is only one of the shining stars in southern NH’s crown.  If you’d like more information on Brentwood or any other quaint New England-style town here in the Granite State, call Jim Miller Bean Group at (603) 801-3987.  We know the area and we’re looking forward to answering all of your questions, whether they’re about our beautiful state, the current real estate market or just what’s available locally.  Call today!

Swasey Central School (1-5)

Cooperative Middle School (6-8)
(603) 775-8700

Exeter High School (9-12)
(603) 395-2400

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