What's the Real Deal?
Bean Group

Any homebuyer or seller who peruses the news headlines can become quickly disheartened or elated depending on which publication, blog, or news station they are following. There is no doubt that conflicting information is being reported on the real estate industry on a daily basis.

The information reported is not necessarily false, but the reality is that real estate is a very local business. What is happening in regards to sales, pricing, or foreclosures nationally or even statewide, may not be the reality in your local community.

Understanding how this information impacts you directly can also be difficult to navigate. The National Association of REALTORS®, the leading source of information for the real estate industry, just reported that the national median existing-home price for all housing types was up 0.7 percent in July from a year ago; a very positive sign that home prices and the market have stabilized. Yet completed transactions dropped 27.2 percent in July from June initiating news reports that the market is far from recovery.

To confuse matters further, some online real estate companies are launching programs that allow homeowners to pre-list their homes online to test whether or not they will sell and for what price. The online community essentially weighs-in on the value of the property. Ultimately, these types of programs are forcing homebuyers and sellers to rely on non-professionals and strangers to advise them on one of their most important financial and life decisions.

So what's the real deal? How should this data impact your home buying or selling decisions? Is the market stabilizing or flailing? Are these online programs reliable or risky?

Its times like these that your local Bean Group real estate professional can provide you with the solid facts that are relevant to you in your local area, and can guide you through this quagmire of information.

Bean Group sales professionals not only have the professional experience and knowledge to assist, but they deal in their local marketplaces everyday and have access to pertinent local data that can help you make sound home buying and selling decisions.

Your Bean Group agent can help you analyze the attached market graph and explain explicitly what it means to you. They can provide you with a competitive market analysis and give expert guidance on current market conditions that impact you and your neighborhood directly.

Whether you are home seller who needs professional guidance to price a property appropriately, or a homebuyer who needs a responsible representative who will lead you through the process, your Bean Group expert can advise you, dissect those national headlines, and give you the right kind of information to help you make the decisions that are right for you.