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As we hunker down and prepare ourselves for the wintry chill ahead, many home sellers consider taking their home off the market. However, there can be some real benefit for those home sellers who brave the cold and keep their homes on the market during the winter months.

Though it is true that spring and early summer are the heavy selling seasons, not many realize that selling in winter can be just as profitable, and it may even be a better time to feature your property.

During the winter months there tends to be less homes on the market which means less competition. Less competition gives home sellers more opportunity to showcase their property and make their home stand-out from the rest.

Selling during the winter season will also let home sellers take advantage of the holiday decorations which help to make homes look more cozy and inviting. The lack of leaves on trees can let the light in, and also highlight a wonderful view that would normally be shrouded in spring and summer.

Here are several tips to help you market your home successfully during the winter months.

Clear debris from your gutters to keep ice and snow at bay. Remove fallen leaves and other foliage before the first snow fall. If it does snow, make certain that all entrances to the home and driveway are easily accessible and clear of any ice. Be sure to wash the windows to take advantage of any spectacular views, and light a fire during an open house if you have a fireplace.

Of course, work with your sales professional to ensure that your property is properly priced for the market. Don't forget that while there may be fewer buyers in the market during the winter, there are still buyers out there who are looking for a deal and their perfect home.

If you would like more information about how to successfully market your property during the winter season, please contact your Bean Group sales professional. Your real estate professional will analyze a graph similar to the one attached to review comparables in your market, inventory that could impact your success, and prices in the area.